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"I transformed from a fat, heavy, sick, in pain, 'hated the world', 'wanted nothing to do with you', sorry excuse of a human I was in 2007 into the endurance athlete I try to be today."

Here's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

I transformed from a fat, heavy, sick, in pain, "hated the world", "wanted nothing to do with you", sorry excuse of a human I was back in 2007 into the endurance athlete I try to be today.

I ran, without any knowledge or guidance, my first ever race, The Country Music Half Marathon on April 28, 2007. And as they say, the rest is history. I crossed the finish line in 2:27:37. I had no idea at the moment, that this would become my new lifestyle.

I continued to run. I picked up bits and pieces of advice anywhere I could. I listened to some, ignored the rest, mostly because "I knew it all", right?

My first triathlon was the 2008 Old Hickory Lake Triathlon in Hendersonville, TN. That 400ish yd swim just about killed me. I knew right then and there that swimming and I would have to come to terms. We're still working on our differences. On April 26, 2009 I ran my first full Marathon, only because I could run an extra 13.1 miles for just an extra $10. I hurt as I had never hurt before. During the last 7 miles I kept repeating to myself "I will never, ever do this again. This is Stupid!" I have finished 28 full marathons, including New York, Chicago twice, the Marine Corps Marathon twice, and the Air Force Marathon. In 2009 I graduated to 70.3 (triathlon) in Augusta, and in 2011 I finished Louisville Ironman. Since then I have completed two 140.6s and ten 70.3s.

Above The Fold featured triathlete Mauricio Sanchez coming out of the water

Of all the 130+ races I have finished in all disciplines and all distances, Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon 2019 has to be by far, my most memorable accomplishment. Remember that bit about swimming and me? Yeah, I had to do this. I have tried to explain in as many ways I know how, what that feeling was as I jumped off the Ferry into the San Francisco Bay, how I felt when I treaded water a few minutes later looking in awe at Alcatraz Island on one side and The Golden Gate Bridge on the other. I have tried, and I'm still trying to fully and clearly describe everything going through my mind at that moment, but I haven't been able to do it justice. I can still feel the sensation I felt as I got out of the water, after the 1.5-mile swim, in 49 minutes and change. I sat on the beach and looked at the water. I think, cannot confirm for there are no photos, but I think I shed some tears.

I have had the support of many local and far-away family and friends through this whole process. I have tried to support as many local events as well. I hope I have done my part. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to my early triathlon friends at H.E.A.T. Hendersonville Endurance Athletic Team and to my local running club, HRC ~ Hendersonville Running Club. But once I got over my attitude that I could do all this by myself, I enlisted the help of my long time friend and coach, Barry Baird. He taught me almost everything I know about racing. Also responsible for helping me along with my nutrition is the incredibly talented, Amanda Foland. The only thing Amanda could not do is to help me tame the love affair I have with Oreos! And, oh yes... gratitudes would not be complete without extending some to my most amazing swim coach, Ashley Whitney. Without her help, I probably would still be making my way out of the Bay.

Today I race with Big Sexy Racing, an elite amateur racing team with members throughout the United States and Australia. BSR was founded by Ironman Champion Chris McDonald. BSR was the first triathlon team created by a professional triathlete. If you happen to see me on the training course or the race venue, you can pretty much know that I'm working on my Sexy!

Above The Fold featured triathlete Mauricio Sanchez, Big Sexy Racing

Advice to Tri By:

ATF: What advice would you give someone thinking about getting into the sport?

Mauricio: To someone thinking of doing a triathlon for the first time I say... Listen to all who are willing to give you advice, everyone has a story to tell, but find yourself one triathlete (maybe a coach) you can relate to, help you navigate the early triathlon waters (no pun intended). But please be warned... once you cross that first finish line, You WILL be hooked!

The Goods:

Tri Club ~ Big Sexy Racing

Favorite Race ~ Escape from Alcatraz

Coach ~ Self  ~ I know... Only a fool as himself for a coach!

Favorite Gear ~ Quintana Roo Bike

Favorite Nutrition ~ Infinit

Tri Goal ~ To qualify for "Team USA" at this year's USAT AG Nationals in August, and represent the USA at the next AG World Championships

Favorite Tri Discipline is the Run.


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