ATF Featured Triathlete - Charlene Alcorn

When your season is cut short by a training accident it can be a great time to give back to the sport.

We have the pleasure to feature Charlene Alcorn from Hendersonville Endurance Athletic Team. We asked her what was one of her most memorable moments in triathlon. Here's her story.

I’ve been doing triathlons for 11 years, so it’s really hard to pick one race story. I can tell you that my favorite races are the ones I do with my friends because those are the same friends I train with. Throughout race training, we share the ups and downs of juggling family life, training and jobs. We sweat, hurt and learn together. We laugh, tease and have fun together. We each have our own personalities but we gel because we share the love and benefit of a healthy lifestyle!

I have chosen a story about a race I didn’t race. I was registered to race the RiverBluff Sprint in 2017, but due to a pretty bad dog crash on my bike in June that year, my race season was cut short. I nursed some nasty road rash and walked with a cane the remainder of that summer. Fortunately, no broken bones and no dog bite! There were several races that summer I was fortunate to be able to defer till 2018. To show my appreciation I decided to show up to those races anyway and volunteer. My friends were racing and I wanted to support them AND the sport I love.

So I showed up to the RiverBluff Sprint with my cane which I left in the car because I had been assigned to a SUP board for the swim course. LOL! Yes, I was a sight, but I did it…very carefully. While I was out on the board waiting for the race to begin, I heard the National Anthem played by a tuba! The sound of that tuba echoing off the cliffs of the river was so moving to me. After that, they had me sitting at the finish line removing timing chips from sweaty finishers. That was the BEST job ever because I got to welcome all my friends across the finish line!! I stayed as long as I could helping to stack cones and pick up trash. I came back healthy in 2018 to race RiverBluff Sprint and managed to win OA Masters. (see pic)

I recruit and manage Volunteers for a National non-profit Kid’s Triathlon company, so I know how valuable volunteers are to pulling off a successful event. Good dependable Volunteers are what makes the chain go round and round on that cassette. It feels good to pedal hard, but it feels great to Volunteer so others can pedal hard too.

Riding with a smile,


Tri Club – HEAT (Hendersonville Endurance Athletic Team) I’ve been a member for 11 years.

Favorite Race – Any race with my friends!

Coach – Barry Baird (Endurance Geeks) He’s been my coach for 11 years.

Favorite Gear – Trek Project One Speed Concept @TrekBikes

Favorite Nutrition – Infinit @theinfinitloop 

Favorite of the three - Bike, of course


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