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Unveiling of the 2021 event calendar

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Unveiling of the 2021 event calendar

ATF Jeopardy featuring some of the best Race Directors from across the country

A collection of some of our favorite songs and those recommended to us by YOU!

ATF Jeopardy episode 2 with Christi Beth Adams, Josh Morin, Amanda Foland and Christopher McClintock

In this episode of Above The Fold Headliners we speak with USA Triathlon CEO, Rocky Harris, and talk about the impact covid-19 is having on the governing body of the sport, when and how we'll be returning to racing, Rocky's vision for repositioning the brand of triathlon, and more!

In the premier episode of Above The Fold Headliners, nine of the top Triathlon Clubs across TN, KY and OH join us to talk about the impact Covid-19 is having on how clubs operate, how they engage their members, and how social distancing requirements will likely change the way races look and feel once racing resumes.