Q:  How does the pricing for a Relay Team work?
A: Upon registration, the captain (or first member) will be asked to pay the full registration fee when creating the team and you will have to decide the monies amongst yourselves.

Q: Do all my relay members need to be the same age and gender?
A: No, teams can be comprised of a mix of gender and ages.

Q: Are two person relay teams permitted?
A: Yes. A two person relay can complete the race with any combination of disciplines.

Q: Can a two person relay team later add a third member?
A: Yes.

Q: If a team member needs to drop out, can we do a two person relay?
A: Yes.

Q: Do all team members need to show up to athlete check-in?
A: Yes. We encourage that all team members arrive together for athlete check-in to ensure that all the materials are accounted for.
BUT if team members are arriving at different times: Each team member is required to check in with ID. The packet will not be handed over until ALL members of the team have been checked in and have gone through the registration process.

Q: Who gets what in the packet?
A: The bib is for the runner. The swim cap is for the swimmer. The sticker sheet be for the biker. All members will get body marked or receive a tri tat (if applicable).

Q: How do I know when my leg of the race starts?
A: The athlete that will be completing the next leg of the race will wait in transition for the previous team member. Once that team member arrives, they will tag and hand over their chip to the next team member. This will continue for each transition.

Q: What if I want to change our distance (i.e. signed up for sprint but want to do olympic distance)?
A: You are able to upgrade or downgrade. If you choose to upgrade, you will be asked to pay the difference, however if you downgrade you will not receive a refund for the difference back.

Q: How are the awards awarded to relay teams?
A: Based on prior history for the number of relay teams we have had, we do one overall winner for all relay teams (2-person, 3-person, all female, all make, co-ed). If relay team numbers surge (which we hope they do!), we will look into issuing 3-deep awards for teams. Everyone will be notified if that change occurs.

Q: If we only have a swimmer and a biker, can we switch to Aquabike?
A: No, we unfortunately do not have an Aquabike relay category.

Q: As a relay member, what materials do I receive?
A: Everyone will receive a participant shirt. At the finish line, the runner will make sure to pick up finisher medals for each team member.

Q: Does each relay member receive a timing chip?
A: No. The team will receive one chip. The timing chip acts as a “baton” and team members must hand off the timing strap/chip to move forward to the next discipline. Relay athletes must keep ankle strap and chip on their ankle at all times until making the transfer between teammates.

Q: Do all team members need to be body marked/have TriTats?

A: Yes. Relay athletes will receive TriTats in their packet or will be body marked with race team number and the letter “R” denoting a relay team. The team’s bib number will be marked on both arms and the “R” will be marked in the right calf.


Relay Team Questions