Can I register on race day?
You can register on race day if the race is not full. If you register on race day, you will not be guaranteed a shirt.

What items do I need to register or pick up my race packet?
Photo ID is a must for everyone. USAT annual members must show their USAT card or proof of membership.

Can I check in for another athlete?
No, you must pick up your OWN race items and have photo identification.

Is there a race time limit?
All racers must be finished with the race by 12pm.  We will no longer have police and volunteer support after this point.

Will there be water to drink during the race?
Yes, there will be water on the run course, main staging area, and at the race finish line. There will also be snacks and drinks in the Food Area near the finish line for participants and volunteers to enjoy.

Can I wear earphones on the course?
USAT rules do not allow the use of headphones or personal audio devices at any time during the conduct of the race.  This is for the safety of yourself and all race participants.  You may, however, use such devices in the Transition Area prior to the start of the race. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Do I have to wear my bib number?
We require your bib number to be visible on the front of your body during the run.

Do I have to wear a shirt for the bike and run?
No, a shirt is not required.

What will the water conditions be like and will the race be wetsuit legal?

Wetsuits may be worn if the water temperature is less than 84 degrees, however, if the water is between 78-84 degrees all participants wearing wetsuits will not be eligible for awards. Please be aware you are swimming in an open body of water and it is imperative you are prepared for all water conditions.

Can I transfer, sell, or give my bib to another person?
No. Please visit our Race Policies here for more information.

I can no longer compete, can I get a refund?
There are no refunds UNLESS you have purchased event insurance. We do, however, allow participants to transfer their registration to another ATF event. Please see our Race Policies for more details on refunds, transfers and deferrals. 

I am/was unable to attend the event. Can my items be mailed to me?
No. Unfortunately, we do not mail race items post event. Thank you for understanding.

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Is it a wave/group start?

Where can I stay up-to-date on race promotions, news, and any last minute changes?
You can join the race's Event page(s) on Facebook and Like the Above The Fold Events & Sports Promotions page to stay up-to-date.

Can I switch my shirt size?
All race items (personalized bibs, shirts, etc.) are typically ordered 45 days in advance.  Should you need to switch your shirt size BEFORE this date, please send us a message. Should you need to switch your shirt size AFTER this date, you may swap your shirt out should we have any extras after the event. Please keep in mind that this is a first come, first serve basis and we do this in an effort for everyone to get the sizes they ordered. Thank you for your cooperation!

If I need help, is there anyone to assist me?
Yes, we have professional/experienced race staff. Ambulances/EMT's will be onsite, local police support at all high traffic intersections, as well as certified lifeguard and rescue support in the water.

When/where can I get my bike after the race?
There will be a designated exit that racers will be able to retrieve their bike/gear after the last bike participant is in transition. We do not want racers to have traffic interference with people retrieving their bikes during their race. Our goal is for each racer to have the same race experience and atmosphere whether they finish first or last.

What are the Age Groups?
15 & under